How a dedicated Server works

It is clear that dedicated server Germany offers many advantages and therefore, it is a highly professional hosting solution. The first feature of a dedicated server is undoubtedly the flexibility that allows each customer to install on the server all the software and services that their site requires. A dedicated server, in fact, unlike the shared one, allows the user/client to operate on the server-side and manage it in complete autonomy without having to incur limits and restrictions.

What is a dedicated server and how does it work? 

The most suitable solution for professional sites is a high number of daily accesses. This freedom of action is further extended for all those customers who can technically operate on the machine and do not require the intermediation of the provider’s staff, except for hardware interventions. In this case, not only will the costs be reduced but also the management times will be optimized since the customer can at any time intervene on the server without depending on third parties.

At this point, the performance of the server itself is inevitably linked, which will be much better given the possibility of being able to use exclusively all the resources of the dedicated server with considerable advantages in terms of stability and connection speed.

The exclusive use of the cheap-germany-server is also reflected in the reliability of the service that protects the customer from anomalies, blockages, slowdowns or “site down” caused by other users, situations that may instead occur in the case of shared servers.

Exclusive access to the server also means greater security and therefore protection of your data that will not be accessible to other users, not to mention that a dedicated server allows you to create custom firewalls and independently install any security update. A complete autonomy, therefore, does not only concern the security side but is also relevant to all other server configurations, such as software, firewalls, control panels, which can be customized to your liking.

If we ask what a dedicated server is, we must also understand that this variant among the various servers makes available one or more dedicated IP addresses, a feature that protects from potentially dangerous situations, such as spam or bad SEO positioning, hypotheses possible in the case of shared IPs.

The strengths of a dedicated server are therefore numerous and could be summarized with the words flexibility, complete control, stability, and greater security.

What are the technical characteristics of a dedicated server?


Basic elements that can lead a customer to choose a hosting on a dedicated server in germany.  All users ask themselves before starting an adventure in the world of dedicated servers, a world that offers many satisfactions and many resources to those who want the most from their website. But it also risks becoming a ball and chain if you are not able to manage the complexity of this instrument.

Because in the end, this is a dedicated server: a tool.

A dedicated Linux or Windows server is nothing more than a tool that adapts to the characteristics of your project. Do you need high- performance hosting, free from the constraints and restrictions that the presence of a shared web hosting with other customers can bring? Here is the solution: load all your portals on one machine and enjoy the stability of a cheap-Germany-server all for you.

But to manage a dedicated server it is not enough to have a general knowledge of the type of support you are using. A dedicated server is not a normal web hosting; it cannot be compared to a normal webspace that you buy for a small project.

The management of a dedicated server is demanding, and in fact, most services (such as Server plan) offer the managed solution. That is managed by staff of professionals – specialized in this type of hosting – which allows the customer to sleep peacefully. But this is not a good excuse to ignore the technical features of a good dedicated server.

What are the technical features you need to know about a dedicated server?

  • The Processor: You must ensure that it is suitable for the needs, that it has a good calculation speed and that it allows the server to operate with maximum efficiency.
  • RAM: The quality of your service depends deeply on RAM, so you need to make sure that the numbers offered are useful to your project.
  • Hardware: What is the quality of the hardware used? Are there any machines – like Dell servers – that guarantee the effectiveness of the service?
  • SSD disks: Access to data on disks is one of the most complex operations. This is why a dedicated server must offer SSD technology disks. That is Solid State Drive.
  • Connectivity: What is the server connection speed? What are the switches that guarantee the connection?
  • Backup and Security: We are not joking; the data of a dedicated server is hot. For this, you need to have all the information you need to evaluate support and backup.

These are the main features you need to check on a dedicated server. A server, of course, is taken into consideration for large-scale projects that demand higher quality.