What are the technical characteristics of a dedicated server?


Basic elements that can lead a customer to choose a hosting on a dedicated server in germany.  All users ask themselves before starting an adventure in the world of dedicated servers, a world that offers many satisfactions and many resources to those who want the most from their website. But it also risks becoming a ball and chain if you are not able to manage the complexity of this instrument.

Because in the end, this is a dedicated server: a tool.

A dedicated Linux or Windows server is nothing more than a tool that adapts to the characteristics of your project. Do you need high- performance hosting, free from the constraints and restrictions that the presence of a shared web hosting with other customers can bring? Here is the solution: load all your portals on one machine and enjoy the stability of a cheap-Germany-server all for you.

But to manage a dedicated server it is not enough to have a general knowledge of the type of support you are using. A dedicated server is not a normal web hosting; it cannot be compared to a normal webspace that you buy for a small project.

The management of a dedicated server is demanding, and in fact, most services (such as Server plan) offer the managed solution. That is managed by staff of professionals – specialized in this type of hosting – which allows the customer to sleep peacefully. But this is not a good excuse to ignore the technical features of a good dedicated server.

What are the technical features you need to know about a dedicated server?

  • The Processor: You must ensure that it is suitable for the needs, that it has a good calculation speed and that it allows the server to operate with maximum efficiency.
  • RAM: The quality of your service depends deeply on RAM, so you need to make sure that the numbers offered are useful to your project.
  • Hardware: What is the quality of the hardware used? Are there any machines – like Dell servers – that guarantee the effectiveness of the service?
  • SSD disks: Access to data on disks is one of the most complex operations. This is why a dedicated server must offer SSD technology disks. That is Solid State Drive.
  • Connectivity: What is the server connection speed? What are the switches that guarantee the connection?
  • Backup and Security: We are not joking; the data of a dedicated server is hot. For this, you need to have all the information you need to evaluate support and backup.

These are the main features you need to check on a dedicated server. A server, of course, is taken into consideration for large-scale projects that demand higher quality.